Transfer Your Company Online By 399 L.E

The first step in introducing your company to the world of the Internet is to create a website for your business, and in order to create your site, you will of course need to purchase web hosting, reserve your own domain, and then start building your website.

Hostaday Company – Auma You will get a comprehensive

website: domain name, 500 MB hosting, WordPress template design, technical support, SSL certificate, Google for companies, 2 emails, bandwidth 10000 GB, Only 399 EGP annually Special offer for a limited period or out of quantity.

Choose your site name which ending in (com or net), so Contact with sales to help you choose it. You will get 500 MB space inside the famous C Panel with all its distinctive features.

By having an official email with us for your company, it will add to your company the credibility and officiality of your correspondence over the Internet HOSTADAY provides you with 2 e-mails for you that you can use from a computer or a mobile phone easily with its wonderful features.

We provide you with dozens of applications such as WordPress or Joomla, with one click to have your site design ready for free We provide you with settings and design templates from our free packages and a mobile friend. Contact sales to choose what suits you.

We present for you an comprehensive offer for communication between you and your customers by (SSL) for free. And the backup system in your control panel in addition to daily technical support .