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This agreement is between HostAday and you

By registering or using the services, you represent and warrant that: You are eighteen (18) years of age or older. The purpose of these services is only for users who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Any registration, use or access to the Services, by anyone under the age of eighteen (18) is unauthorized and constitutes a violation of this Agreement. If you use services on behalf of another party, then you agree to be authorized to link this other party to this agreement and act on behalf of that other party with respect to any actions taken within the framework of the services.It is your responsibility to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information on the registration forms, including the email address that should not be affiliated with the domain name that you have registered with us in your purchase. If there is a suspicion of an abuse issue or we need to contact you, we will use our primary email address on file. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact information for your account, including the domain name associated with your email, is accurate, correct, complete and available at all times.

Hostaday is not responsible for any omission from you in the services, including, but not limited to, any wrong domain name registration that caused you to buy an incorrect domain name. If you need to validate or change your contact information, please contact our sales team via email or update your contact information through Hosted Billing and System Support. Providing false contact information of any kind may lead to termination of your account. In dedicated server purchases or some other situation, there may be a need to provide the issued government identification and possibly scan the credit card used for verification purposes. Failure to provide requested information may result in your application being denied.

You are fully responsible for all use of your account and for any actions that take place through your account, and it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your password and other information related to the security of your account. Any dedicated IP command in addition to those provided with a hosting package may be subject to IP justification. Justified IP practices are subject to change to remain in compliance with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) policies. We reserve the right to refuse any request for assigned IP on the basis of sufficient justification or use of the current IP.

Hostaday provides services to reserve or purchase domain name (DOMAIN Name) in cooperation with the global company for domain services GoDaddy, so the laws and regulations of GoDaddy must be approved, you can view it from here – https: //www.godaddy.com/legalh . agreements.aspx

You must comply with all applicable terms, conditions, standards, policies, procedures, and practices established by ICANN (http://www.icann.org/en/registrars/registrant-rights- responsibilities-en.htm

Purchase and reservation through our website allows you to inquire for free about domain names available on the Internet for free, reserve and buy the name, and as soon as you confirm the purchase of the domain name that you have chosen and carry out the purchase process, we will send a message to your email registered in your account, confirming the reservation and purchase.

Renewal to reserve a domain name must be done within 60 days before one day, with the expiry date. Non-renewal on the specified date. You will lose your domain name and it is available for purchase to everyone without prior notice. Cancellation: You have the right to cancel the domain name at any time, but this will not charge you the price of the domain name. Once the confirmation message arrives on your account with the purchase, it becomes your property throughout the specified registration period. The free domain with the hosting package is the property of the HostAday company, and you are entitled to use it only for the duration of the subscription period in the hosting service of the HostAday company. 20 dollars for every year you subscribe to the hosting service.

You may be able to download, store, publish, display, and distribute information, text, pictures, videos and other content or through the Services (all, “User Content”). User content includes any content entered by you or by users from any of your web sites hosted through our services (“user sites”). You are solely responsible for any and all user content and any other transactions or activities conducted on or through our hosted sites. By publishing or distributing user content or through the services, you acknowledge, warrant and confirm that (a) you have all the necessary rights to publish or distribute this user content, and (b) publish or distribute user content that does not violate or infringe the rights of any third party.

Only for the purposes of providing services, you hereby grant to Hostaday, the right worldwide, and a license to: (a) use, reproduce, publicly or publicly perform, display, modify, translate, extracts (in whole or in part) and publish and distribute user content. And (b) to save or back up User Content and Member Sites. Except for the rights expressly granted herein, Hostaday does not acquire any right, ownership, interest or user content, which remains alone with you.

Hostaday does not exercise any control over you, and accepts no responsibility for, user content or the content of any information that passes through computers, hotspots, or the Internet. Hostaday does not monitor user content. However, you acknowledge and agree that it is permissible, but not binding, that Hostaday has the right to immediately take any corrective measures at its discretion, including without deleting all or part of the user’s content or hosted sites, and suspending or terminating all services without Refund if you violate the terms of this agreement. You agree that Hostaday does not bear any responsibility for any corrective actions that Hostaday may perform.

Our website relocation team will make every effort to help you move your website to us. The transfer is provided as a free service, you must provide all the data controlling your account at the server that our team needs so that they can provide the service.

We do not make any guarantees regarding the availability, availability, or time required to complete the transfer of your account. Each hosting company should know its operating systems are different, and some hosting servers save data in a form incompatible with other servers, which may make it very difficult, if not impossible, to migrate some or all of the account data. In some cases we may not be able to assist you in transferring data from the old server.

Free transfer service is available for thirty (30) days from the date you signed on to our services after purchasing our hosting services. If you request the service after thirty (30) days, a charge will be incurred; Please contact a member of our transfers section for a price. In any case, Hostaday company is not responsible for any lost or missing data or files resulting from the transfer to or from your account with us. You are solely responsible for backing up your data in all circumstances.

You are responsible for all applications / programs installed under your account. It is safe and directory permissions are set correctly, regardless of the installation method. You are responsible for all actions taken within your accounts. This includes compromise of login accounts such as username and password.

Is there a need to use a secure password. If a weak password is used, your account may be suspended until you agree to a more secure password. Checking can be done to prevent weak passwords from being used. If a review is conducted, you find your password to be weak, we will notify you and allow time for you to change or update your password. Your secret before suspending your account. The third party is subject to suspension. Accessing networks or systems outside of your direct control requires the express written consent of a third party. We may request, at our discretion, to request documentation to prove that your access to a third-party network or authorized system.

Any account proving the existence of any risk may be suspended and / or terminated. If you do not clean your account after being notified by us and we reserve the right to keep your account disabled, upon your request, we may clean your account for an additional fee. Hostaday reserves the right to announce your account data from one data center to another in order to comply with the applicable data, the center’s policies, local law, or technical or other reasons without notice. You are solely responsible for any compliance that applies to local or state laws governing the privacy and security of personal data, including sensitive or other data. You acknowledge that the Services may not be appropriate to store or control access to sensitive data, such as information about children or medical or health information.

Hostaday does not control or monitor the information or data that is stored on, or transmitted through, the services. We specifically disclaim any representation or warranty that the services, as offered, are expressly prohibited from using the services for these purposes. Storing and allowing access to “protected health information” is a material breach of this agreement, and a reason for immediate account termination. We do not sign “Business Associate Agreements” and you agree that Hustle Ada is not a partner, sub-agent, or agent of you. If you have questions about the security of your data, you should contact.

Prepayment: It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment information is completed on time, and that all bills are paid on time. You agree to pay for the services early in the time period during which such services are provided. Subject to applicable laws, rules and regulations, payments start from the application of the oldest invoice pending in your billing account. Taxes Fees included for services do not include any taxes or sales tax applicable, use, revenue, excise or other taxes imposed by the taxation authority. Any taxes levied on your Host Payment invoice will be added as separate to be paid by you.

All fees are non-refundable upon payment unless otherwise specified. All bills must be paid within ten (10) days prior to the invoice due date. An invoice that is pending for more than ten (10) days may lead to suspension or termination of services. Account access will not be restored until payment is made. Late payment fees. I, the undersigned, agree and acknowledge these terms.

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